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Full text of "Sugar Association Letter to WHO, April 2003"

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14/03 12:38 FAX 2027855019 THE SUGAR ASSOCIATION 



WIHMMw*- THE — ™™«W«t»a 


15.04.03- , 

April 14, 2003 5 Pages Delivered Via Facsimile 011-41-22-791-311; 

Gro Harlem Brundtland, MD, MPH 

Director General 

World Health Organization 

Avenue Appia 20 

1211 Geneva 27 


Dear Dr. Brundtland; 

Attached is a copy of a letter signed by two U.S. Senatois. This letter speaks for itself. 

We will exercise every avenue available to expose the dubious nature of the "Diet, 
Nutrition and The Prevention of Chronic Diseases" Report, including asking 
Congressional appropriators to challenge future funding of the U.S.'s S406 million 
contributions (including both regular and voluntary funding) to the WHO. 
Taxpayers' dollars should not be used to support misguided, non-scienee-based 
reports which do not add to the health and well being of Americans, much less the 
rest of the world. If necessary, we will promote and encourage new laws which 
require future WHO funding to be provided only if the WHO organization accepts 
that all reports must be supported by the preponderance of science; be subjected to 
a broad external peer-review process; complete an economic analysis of what effect 
any such report will have on the 192 member countries; and be allowed full due 
process including WHO Executive Board endorsement and World Health Assembly 
approval. These same funding considerations also will be directed at FAO. 

As mentioned before, we believe this report drafted by a select group of experts should 
not become an official WHO or FAO Report It does not encompass the preponderance 
of science as cited in previous correspondences on March 14 and April 7. It does not 
include key studies which substantially refute the WHO Report findings. 

The "Advance Final Draft Copy" has not undergone due process involving the Executive 
Board endorsement, much less approval by the World Health Assembly. Also, there has 
been no broad-based, external peer-review process to substantiate the group of experts' 
consensus interpretation. The Report's credibility, as well as the integrity of WHO and 
FAO, are at stake, 

Be Sure It's Sugar; The Natural Sweetener... 15 Calories Par Teaspooni'" 


1101 15th Street, NW Suite 600 ■ WB5fl!n9t<jnD.C.20QO5 tel 202.785.1122 fBx202.78S.50I8 vww.sugar.arg 

04/14/03 12:38FAt_202785S2i8 




hard working sugar growers and far families, part cu arly m develops coui 
"toiy ^diences for WHO program Entire mdusmes can 
S local and international economies, Consider developing « ^ SUgar 

i ^^l!;lv, 11 evenmore critical role m , . . 

industries play ^^f^^l welte a cleaa wate r simply as well as electrical 
contributions to education, health md ^ mm ^ Cl ^* Cn „T Lmmes an official 
^ n ™„i, wmP n( before the Advance Final Draft Copy becomes an uuiuui 
energy and employment Beta mc ^ CMnp ietecL taking into consideration 
WHO/FAG Report, an economic analysis must oe Lumpiewu, to^ s 
the hardship it will impose on all member countries. 

Wereiterate our requests previously made in^ 

removed immediately from the WHO and FAO websites; 2 contact FAD Rector 
General Br. Jacques Diouf and request that the planned roll-out on Apr, 1 25 m 
Rome be cancelled; and 3) request that any further draft reports - ^ J*™* 
or publicized until a complete review of the underlying science has taken place by a 
hrnad-hased external peer group; an economic analysis has been completed, ana 


Finally, I would respectfully request that we be allowed reasonable time on the 
agenda for the May 29-30 Executive Board meeting in Geneva to personaUy clanfy 
our position and reiterate our points made above. Your consideration of tais 
request is appreciated. 

Thank you. 

Andrew C. Briscoe III 
President and CEO 

cc: The World Health Organization Executive Board _ 

Dr Jacques Diouf, Director General, Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N. 
Jong Wook Lee , South Korea, Director General Elect, World Health Organization 
World Health Organization Regional Office for the Americas, Washington, DC 
John D . Negroponte. United States Ambassador to the United Nations 
Riaz Khan, PhD, Director General, The World Sugar Research Organization, Ltd. 
Graham Somerville, Comite Europeen des Fabricants de Sucre (CEFS) 

Attachment: March 28, 2003 Letter from Senators Craig and Breaux 

04/14/03 12:^9 FAS' 2027855019 


Mtefl^tats Ornate 


The Hoaotable Tammy 0. Thompson 

Secretary, U.S. Departaeat ofHedth and Human Services 

Hubert E Humphrey Building 

200 Independence Averme, SW 

Washington, DC 20201 

Hie Honorable Aim hi Veneman 
Secretary, U.S. Department of Agriculture 
2400 Independence Avenue, SW 
Washing DC 20250 

DearSeoretoy Thompson and Secretary Vensman: 

You recently were scut a letter Sam a wide raage of organizatiQss representing U.S. sugar and 
com sweetener producers, as well as sweete-iiskg food njamifectiirers, vtiha are greatly 
concerned about release of a report in earJy Bfech by the World Health Organisation and the 
U.N/5 Food and Agriculture Organization that contains misleading inforniation regarding health - 
v-y risks associated with consumptiou of added sugars in excess often percent cf an individual's 
daily caloric intake. A copy of the sweetener food coaliaWs letter to you, sen! March 20, 2003, 
"is enclosed foryotir reference. 

As co-chairs of fhe U-S. Senate Swsatensa? Caucus, we are writing to urge your prompt and 
favorable attention to the issues raised by tee food and commodity organisations* Specifically, 
wa urge you to call upon the WHO and ?AO to cease farther proraotiori of tie joint report 
entitled, "WHO Technical Bsport Series 916 Diet, Nutrition and The jPrewanfion of Chronic 
Diseasss," which currently is in advance final draft form There is sufficient- reason to believe the 
findings mi recommendations in tins report have not withstood the rigorous scitntifie review 
appropriate to the normal standards of thsse distinguished iMeraationai inatitwtioas. 

Fteasa kaep us advised of yotsf response to the sweetener producing and food processing 
coalition's request for your urgent attention to this mate 

04/14/03 1 2:39 FAI 2027855019 THE SUGAR ASSOCIATE 

Delivered Via Facsimile 202-^50-7203 
3 Pages Toml 
Original - Hand Delivered 

The Honorable Tommy 0. Thompson 

Secretary of Department of Health, and Human Services 

Hubert H< Humphrey Building 

200 Independence Avenue, SW 

Dear Mr. Secretary: 

As yoa may know, on March 3, 20Q3, a group of selected scientists ormranng jointly with the 
World Health Orgaiuzailor- (WHO) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)" of tb United 
Nations (ON) prematurely released an "Advance Final Draft Copy" of a report titled fS WEO 
Technical Report Series 916 Diet, Nutrition and The Prevention of Chronic Diseases" This 
unofficial report was announced la as official WHO pass statement and was pasted on the "WHO 
■website, accompanied by an inconspicuous disclaimer of authority stating: 

This report sontaim the c&Uecfive -vims a/ an wternationa! group of experts- and does not 
represent the decisions or the stated policy of the World Health Organization or of the Food mid 
Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. 

Tfcesc "collective views" was widely reported as an "official" WHO rccommandatioa by the 
press, misleading Hie public to believe tee is a health risk in consuming mare tkau 30% of an 
individual's daily caloric intake torn added sugar*. Tin's recommendation is flawed and without 
support by the preponderance of peernreviewfld science. We believe the WHO and FAO have an 
obligation ss respected organizations to fallow proper scientific protocol mi pxemote true 
science-based leaommaaMans. 

The group of experts 1 faihtre to Mow intaaiioaally accepted standards for external pecr 
sevkw prior to publication not only raises questions regarding fee scientific standing of &e 
experts' conclusions, but challenges iha report's legitimacy as wdl Of tadreds of studies 
available regarding sugars, only devoa citations were credited by the experts to support their 
"view." One of the eleven is an antiquated 1970 citato. Just hst September 2002» our awn 
National Institute of Medicine released arepor? in which 279 published studies ware 
reviewed for ffcc chapter on dietary sugars and starches. Ths IOM ceview showed that to 
qnality is unafeted until the kta& of added sugars exceeds 25 % of daily celeries. Itis 
important to note, the IOM report was not even acknowledged in the WHO r^mrt. 

We also are concerned with the group of experts' reasons for widely reporting their fviews" 
before snbjec&g fa to extend scientific raview. Furthermore, the group of expiate' "views" 
wera posted on the WHO weMte, eawnaiagirjg the pblio and press to assume it was baaed on 
the totality of scientific evidence and accepted by ifce WHO Executive Board. In feet, it was not 
=vm reviewed or approved by the WHO Exe*mtlve Board. 

March 20, 20C3 

04/14/03 12:40 FAX2027855019 

. — y. - 



Studies indicate that physical activity pkys sn important role m the fight against obesity. 
However, thsre was Mta&rstanee to the benefit regarding &e essential role of physical 
^> actt^ty is reducing the onset and severity of obesity. 

While wa applaud WHO and FAO m their concern regarding ibo 6bs% crisis, well intended but 
wn&yndsd rocoromendatiorei of tills nature confuse &e public, mislead the press and generally 
forestall the science-based solutions m all ssafe. toy also place the cr^&bUiiy of both WHO 
sod FAO w jeopardy, thereby reducing public confidence ail trust in both organization 

Furthermore, misguided attempts to address a serious problem can put entire industries at risk as 
well as local economies and their oojamuoMes, Consideration should be given to developing 
nations who fanning and Jbod industries play an even more cntacol cole m economic 
development Including employment and contributions to education, health and welfare, dean 
-waicrsupply, and ^expensive energy. 

Mr, Secretary, your personal Intervention in this rimimstancewill be greatiy appreciated, 
If no action & taken, the draft of tills misguided recommendation becomes an official WHO 
policy- when it is officially rolled-out la Rome by WHO and FAO on April 23, 2003. 
Therefore, time is of the essence m responding- 

We urge you to contact the WHO Director General Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, incoming 
WHO Director General Dr. Jon^Wook Lee, and FAO Director-General Br, Jacques Biwif 
and request that the "Advance Final Draft Copy" be removed from the WHO website and 
^ no farther publicity occur, lnehidmg cancellation of the April 23 joint rollout, until a 

complete review of the underlying science has taken place by a broad-based, external peer 
group and the WHO Executive Board has approved the document 

Such actions and steps will help prevent further conMon among American consumers about 
nutrition and will serve to reinforce what the adrninigtedon has embraced - a strong, sciance- 
based nmririon aid physical fitness policy contdbifiiag to healthy lifestyias. 


Com Refiners Association 

international Dairy Foods Association 

National Com Growers Association 

Snack Food Association 

The Sugar Association 

Wheal Foods Council 

U.S. Council for Intentional Business